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A design, supply, and service company now specialized in custom under counter and residential lighting.

CS has been involved with LED lighting since 2004. We were there to watch it evolve. We know the in's and out's of the product and believe in it so much, its all we use or provide!

30+ years

CS Systems has been in business for over 30 years. 

Our experience in production lighting has given us skills that enable us to create a well lit atmosphere  while setting the mood. Our goal is simple. To give you PROPER lighting. We are not manufacturer reliant. We have the ability to customize and adapt our products to your liking. 

Design, Create, and Think Outside the Box

At CS, our team was bred to be creative. We love coming up with new concepts and ideas. Using our 30 years experience, we utilize wisdom to design well thought out originality with cleanliness and class. No tacky art projects.

If creativity is more your thing, we are more than willing to take a back seat. We will be there to advise and make sure what you want will work the way you envision it. Using our CAD software we can integrate our design to yours and bring you comfort with a 3D view of the final draft.

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