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  • Our stage is MANUFACTURED LOCALLY right from our own warehouse in Louisville, KY.

  • Also REINFORCED with a 3'' rectangular aluminum beamin the middle underside of the deck.

  • The deck is made of 1" Douglas Fir. The STRONGEST wood in the ply family. 

  • Our stage is WELL MAINTAINED, and is surely the nicest in town. Always gauranteed to have like new appearence.

  • ADJUSTABLE legs. 7-48'' and Customization available.

  • internal twist locking mechanism. No crouching or going under stage to lock together.


Decks come in 4'x8', 4'x4' and even 2'x16'. Or have us customize your very own

Rock Solid

Jump, dance, stomp, this stage is not going anywhere. Load it up, these deck's can handle the stress.

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